Nowadays, when the digital world escalates remarkably and information proves firmly its undeniable power, language plays a key role in getting valuable messages across. The ability to convey the intended meaning correctly, especially when the communication addresses issues of critical importance, can make all the difference.

Linguistic support is vital for government-related projects, both home and abroad. Manifestations of cultural differences that intervene at the societal level affect inevitably the ability to understand each other amongst people with a diverse background. A high-quality translation has the capacity to provide efficient solutions to a myriad of challenges faced by non-English parties and government agencies. No need to say government communication requires translations of professional standard and well-fit for the purpose.

Government agencies trust PoliLingua’s ability to provide top quality linguists with high-level security clearances for sensitive projects. Our team of advanced translators honed with valuable long-time experience ensures equal access to their constituents, regardless of the language they speak, for local and national agencies, both on private and public sector.

We can handle expertly written documents, media translations, video or audio materials, classified or unclassified types of documents, verbal and written communication and many more, respecting the time frames and mastering top-quality output at a competitive price. We have dealt with a million and one projects with unparalleled expertise and have received positive reviews. We also offer simultaneous and consecutive translation, escort, community, voiceovers, subtitling, translation for meetings, conferences, seminars, litigations, briefings, trainings and so on, all managed with excellent knowledge of governmental specific nuances and terminology. What's more, PoliLingua knows how to handle urgent language project with rapid turnaround time, no matter the scale of its complexity.

Why you need government translation

Communicating with constituents in numerous languages is now a demand for many government agencies. There are various aspects that contributes to the increasing need for translation within public organizations, such as globalization and immigration, which opens up the possibility for business initiatives.

Consequently, the world has shrunk while people are incessantly searching for work outside of their country, which might put them in a situation ofmajor concern regarding the adaptation to a different language, culture and customs.

Immigration may create condition for linguistic confrontations, setting obstacles in front of immigrant population that may hinder their experience. Moreover, federal bureaucracies show up in many circumstances. Not being able to diminish the communication gap between government and immigrant population may lead to unemployment and several other serious consequences. However, the government cannot put aside immigrant population problems and hence the proactive ones actively proceed to translating documents into the languages which are accessible for immigrants.

On the other hand, businesses launched in other countries must confront with foreign law. This implies the need to behighly acquaintedwith rules of the country and possessing a high command of the spoken language. The incapacity to meet this requirement can become real impediments for entrepreneurs strivingfor a prolific business development.

Besides, international diplomacy can imply terminology which is difficult to grasp if one is not equipped with knowledge of the specific discipline. And this is not all: in order to be understood correctly, you need to sense the particularity of the culture, adjusting the right tone to the message.

Why to choose PoliLingua for your government translation

So far so good, PoliLingua possess the required tools to spot the subtle nuances of the meaning in a consistent manner. Our translators have excellent attention to detail and the tenacity needed to solve translation difficulties. We manage the work by selecting native speakers, who are extremely accurate, systematic and thorough. At PoliLingua, translators follow a well-established and robust translation process which includes very specific self-checking, review steps and the use of cutting-edge tools. Besides, PoliLingua aims to get the most suitable business translation that respects the tone and style of the translation. Fully-accurate and well-worded output is delivered within the minimum time frames, with a high regard for the quality.

Whether you require translation solutions to collect and analyze data for defense and intelligence purposes or to communicate effectively with a multilingual audience,PoliLingua provides comprehensive translation solutions for 100+ languages. Our extensive experience includes linguistic services for government organizations. We understand that in government communications specifically, accuracy is of the utmost importance. In every exchange of information or negotiation of terms, language contains subtle hints and suggestions that are only conveyed implicitly. Moreover, government communication often includes sensitive topics, such as legal status or taxes. However, our highly experienced language experts will be able to identify these nuances. Plus, we have a team who also has the ability to handle difficult concepts and complex language when technical issues are under discussion.

We work with private and public sectors, NGO and International Government agencies by bridging the language barrier to facilitate communication and access to information.

With continuous global migration governments require document and website translation in several languages to communicate efficiently with their users for a variety of needs from healthcare programs, to tourism and services.

We work for the government in projects from a wide range of subject matters including:

  • Health and Social Services
  • International Development
  • World Climate Changes
  • Conservation of water, forestry/agroforestry
  • Enterprise development

Benefits of using PoliLingua’s services:

  • Government Translation into100 + languages
  • Secure exchange of documents made 24/7/365
  • Security cleared personnel
  • Real time management information available free of charge
  • Dedicated project management and account management
  • Fixed pricing model

How we secure your data

We do our best to keep your data safe. We use safe protocols for communication and transferring data (such as HTTPS). We anonymize and pseudonymize where suitable. We monitor our systems for possible vulnerabilities and attacks. We assure safe handling of sensitive data. Every action we take with your data is recorded with a timestamp and identity of the associated processor so each step can be traced. No personal data is stored on our processors’ computer, rather everything is stored in online databases or synchronized software. All our processors’ computer systems are hard drive encrypted to protect against theft or hacking.

We do everything we can to prevent security breaches.

For any of your requirements please let us know how we can accommodate you today.

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