Hospitality is one of the key industries where translation is absolutely vital. Many businesses within this sector aim to attract visitors from across the globe, so having the ability to communicate with these customers is a matter of huge importance.

Guests and travelers from different countries take into account various considerations when evaluating their satisfaction with a service. Recognizing these considerations gives PoliLingua essential insight while performing the translations and localizations.

For companies that are looking to expand their markets overseas, partnering with us with this in-depth knowledge can make all the difference.

We can help in extension of your brand and company. This extension will help grow sales and company recognition. It is imperative to be discerning when deciding whom your multilingual messenger will be and ensure they are specialists in travel and leisure. We master cultural differences as well as linguistic nuances. These differences can range from specific legal terminology between countries to basic greetings, all of which can have a massive impact in business development if content is not localized appropriately.

Hospitality Translation Services

Whatever your segment of the hospitality and travel industry—airline or bus line, tour operator or cruise line, hotel or car rental agency, by reaching your global audience you can grow your brand and profits. PoliLingua will work with you to plan and implement effective global solutions to meet your industry-specific requirements for any language, market, or deadline.

Finding solutions for booking and reservations, channel optimization, back-end fulfillment, and revenue management that spans countries, cultures, and languages is critical for our tourism industry clients. But the key is understanding the needs of each market segment and how to meet them through a streamlined globalization initiative.

One of the most important tasks a translation service can perform is translating a company website. Whether it is a hotel or restaurant, a theme park or a casino, having a website which can be read in a number of different languages is imperative for the businesses that want to attract custom from all over the world. For potential customers coming from abroad, a website is the first and only chance they get to see the business’ services before they arrive, so having a well-translated site which is in line with company philosophy and coherent with the ethos of the whole brand.

We provide translation services for :

  • Documents (forms you wish to be completed by your guest)
  • Menus
  • Itineraries
  • In-room directories
  • Informative brochures
  • Maps
  • Rental information
  • Safety instructions

You should have them available in many different languages for your customers in order to cater to the world audience that the company will be trying to attract.

Translating words into another language is not simply about the literal definition; there are cultural differences which can vastly alter the meaning behind words, so employing translators who understand these differences can be crucial to attracting clients from overseas.

PoliLingua project managers understand these nuances thanks to years of handling the largest travel and hospitality localization projects ever conceived. No matter the size of your firm or project, we can help.


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